Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back from Mexico

2 days later, one house built, 50 children fed and played with - and we are back home in San Diego. We had an amazing trip down in Ensendada. The first day I helped frame the house, put on the siding and the drywall and the second day I played with all the neighborhood children while the rest of the team finished the roof and the finishing touches. I was amazed at how fast a team of people can accomplish an entire house when we are all working together. It was a blessing to be able to partner with our Father as he provided for his children! 

Now, I'm off to bed, hopefully to sleep off whatever little bug I picked up while we were gone (nothing serious - just a bad cold/sour throat/cough thing). Tomorrow I'll see about loading all my photos and writing a new blog posting to show you all - I got tons of fun pictures with all the beautiful and hilarious children, oh, and pictures of the house! See you all tomorrow then. Goodnight. 

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