Monday, August 17, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

Saturday I had some serious baking to do....4 dozen cupcakes by the next morning. But, as the day progressed the cupcakes hadn't magically cooked themselves, and I had to go out - and didn't make it back till 11pm. As I was pulling into the driveway I was trying to calculate how long 4 dozen cupcakes would take to bake with only one cupcake tin.... I was ready for a late night.

But, as I walked into my house a wonderful aroma met me at the front door. The sweet smell of freshly baked goods. My wonderful husband had baked 4 dozen cupcakes while I was out - which I didn't even ask OR hint for. Now, part of the reason this is so amazing is the fact that Vince doesn't bake - I didn't even know he knew HOW to bake! When I asked him how he figured out how to make them, he replied, "You just follow the instructions on the box - it's really not that difficult." I underestimated his talent! Here's to a wonderful man who didn't want his wife to have to stay up late slaving over an oven.


Anonymous said...

OK, now tell us if they were edible - if so, then we'll make Vince the official cake maker for ALL Quisenberry birthday!!!! Dad

Mama Quiz said...

Vince you are a great guy! We love you!

Rachel said...

awe. how sweet. This must have been the night he asked me about Oil... :)