Monday, August 24, 2009

I've Got a Green Thumb!

I just wanted to take a moment to announce I have discovered I possess a green thumb! Yes, I know that many of you doubted this fact, as did I. But, recent events have lead me to believe that perhaps I can keep plants alive more than a few days. I have listed the evidence below.

Here is my favorite - a beautiful purple orchid, that has stayed alive for six weeks - 3 of which I was out of town for - I'm not sure if this is a proof of my gardening capabilities or that plants live longer when I leave them alone....I'll leave you to decide.

Proof #2: A second orchid, this one admittedly is having a rougher time than orchid #1 - but alive nonetheless.

My window garden, newly purchased - and still waiting to be taken out of the pots and planted in the window box. The flowers do wonders to cheer up the front of our house - they make me smile every time I come home!

I finally found some lavender plants - you could not imagine how hard it was to find them. I searched several different stores, many of which I had seen plants in only days earlier. Success at last - and now I get to enjoy the beautiful aroma of lavender wafting through my bedroom window!

This is not exactly proof of a green thumb on my part, it is just a cute watering can I purchased at the hight of my gardening-frenzy. Isn't it adorable? It makes watering so much more enjoyable!

And finally, the beginnings of a cactus garden. Every California home needs its own cactus - and I am faithfully cultivating mine. I've planted a couple of seeds per teeny-tiny pot, and placed them in a greenhouse/incubator on my kitchen windowsill. And today, what did I see, but a couple of green little shoots emerging from the soil - It is an exciting day indeed!


Mama Quiz said...

Wow, I am sooo impressed! However, leaving the flowers in the pots in the window box is not yet proof of a green thumb. Plant them before they die and don't forget to water them as boxes tend to dry out sooner than in the ground plants. By the way I did not know that you could grow cacti from seeds! Hope that really is a cactus and not something else growing in there! Love the lavender, I can smell it from here! Happy gardening. If you do well you got your green thumb from me, if not it was from dad!Hehe

Lyndsie said...

Hmm Im with mom, Im not sure about the Green thumb thing. Anyone can keep plants alive for a month or two, Its hitting the 3 months thats important. And don't listen to mom about hurrying to plant the window box, The plants like the pot, they've spent their life in the pot, the pot is their home, When you take the pot away they will die soon

Lyndsie said...

ps. The orchid is impressive though, I might have to try one

Anonymous said...

Both my thumbs are beige, but if you want to green ones, go for it. Do you have to buy a manly looking watering can for Vince or can he just use the hose? Dad

Corrie said...

Rissa, in this family if you don't have a green thumb it is a disgrace, you are looked at as though you don't belong. I should know, I don't have a green thumb but I too am working on it. I am proud of your thumb turning greener. And I say go for it! Many things had to die before I got the hang of it. Some are born with the thumb green some have to work at it a little more! "-)