Friday, December 5, 2008

"O Christmas Tree"

The first Saturday after Thanksgiving is always the best day to get yourself a Christmas tree. It is like getting a jolt of Christmas right off the bat to get you into the holidays. Vince and had seen a little Christmas tree farm on one of our drives, so we retraced our steps last weekend and braved the drizzling rain to hunt for the perfect tree - not too skinny, not too tall, not too bare and it had to have a nice looking top. After awhile they all started looking the same...but we passed up several good options until we found THE best option. The only thing left was to chop her down and bring her home. Another Medrano first. They don't have any Christmas tree farms in LA, in fact - I think they ship them all in from the Pacific Northwest. There is no better way to get your tree than to hunt for it on a farm and cut it down yourself - another reason I'm loving Washington!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I bet the trees are a lot cheaper the "Saturday after Christmas" too.
We have yet to get ours, but we'll be doing it before Christmas - that's how we do things in Wydaho.

Lorissa said...

Nice catch Dad...I don't quite know how that would have worked.

Corrie said...

Actually there is no better way to get your tree than to hunt for it in the actual forest! Never know quite what you are going to get and none look alike or for that matter like the ones at the tree farm. But at least you didn't have to go to Walmart to get your tree! Looks beautiful.

Mama Quiz said...

Ok Vince 20 bucks more gets you a perfect shaped tree but ours is unique. I'm with Corrie there's nothing better than the forest! God planted that tree Himself for us to find, beat that!!