Friday, December 19, 2008

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

So, the weather forecast is calling for a snowy Christmas in Olympia this year. We have had several days of snow storms so far, the latest dropped around 8 inches at our place in less than a day. They say that this is the worst storm that has been seen here in years, and the coldest weather in almost 20 years! What a welcome to Washington. Gramma called yesterday to apologize for the weather, she said she has never seen it like this since she and Grampa have lived here. The storm is supposed to clear up a while after Christmas, hopefully we can drive up and see them after its all over with. It does make for beautiful scenery, but unfortunately the city isn't used to these kinds of storms and doesn't have the equipment necessary to clear the roads. So, lately driving has been next to impossible and the town is shutting down around us. Even the mall has been closing early - I can't imagine how much money they are losing shutting down right before Christmas!

Vince and I have been going on adventures in the snow looking for good pictures and enjoying the snow fall. One day Vince and the kids from The YC created a 10 foot tall snow man in Sylvester Park. Unfortunately he was decapitated and deabdomened by the time we came by with a camera the next was a pretty amazing sight when they first made him though. I think that Vince likes the snow even more than I must be those trips to Wyoming that did it for him.


koko said...

OMG!!! bREATH TAKING....I wish I would play and see for a couple hrs. Then go home! Sorry Vince I'm only happy in it for that long. Lorissa I find the winter land Christmas so romantic. Enjoy the fire place.

ps. I bought the ELF soundtrack it's perfect for you both. check it out.

EmilyJoyThompson said...

Riss, the pictures are so beautiful. I am sad you guys don't get to come down anymore. :( I miss you a lot.

By the way, did you ever end up making apple cider?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Shots. Tell Vince we have enough snow to make a 40 foot tall snowman - maybe even BIGGER! We have to use a ladder and a ramp to get the jolly fellow together. So, keep practicing with your 8" of snow.