Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And it begins

Our vacation started out on the humorous note, but isn't this what makes a trip more memorable? Our first mistake was to schedule a flight that landed in Boston at close to midnight, which didn't seem like it would be a problem since our bodies were used to the West Coast time zone. What we didn't know was that our flight from San Diego, with a layover, would NOT have a layover due to delays, which meant no food till our second flight landed at midnight. 

So, we landed in Boston at midnight, in a torrential rain storm, not having eaten since bright and early that morning. No problem. We would find someplace to eat on the way to our hotel. Wrong.  At 2am, with our stomaches audibly growling for the past 4 hours, we finally gave up and stopped at the only place open - a gas station. And let me tell you - we loaded up. Have you ever tried eating dinner at a gas station at 2am? We made it back to the hotel with chips, cheese dip, Ben and Jerry's, Cup O Noodle, and peanuts. I'm sure the clerk thought we were potheads, oh well.  

And so with arms full of junk food, soaking wet and laughing we started our New England Adventure.

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