Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Improvements?

I tried my hand at being a.... handy man, hmmm a little redundant. I came home from work and was in the mood to spruce up the house. You ever feel like that? Some days I'm exhausted and just want to sit still for a while, other days I feel like I need to accomplish something, anything.

Item one: trim the trees and bushes, I even got rid of all the little suckers that were growing off of the trees. Afterwards I was crawling with tiny spiders and fluorescent green bugs - the price you pay!

Item two: fertilize and water the plants in and outside - I'll have you know that all the plants are still alive, yes one indoor and one outdoor plant are on their way to being compost.... but if you look and the overall statistics I'm doing pretty good with the green thumb.

Item three: take care of the slow-draining right side of the kitchen sink, or at least try. I felt like a reel plumber afterwards. I removed the p-trap (I've even got the plumber lingo down), cleaned it out, bleached it (ok, maybe overkill, but I don't like germs and the thing really stank), and safely put it back where it came from. Unfortunately the story does not have a happy ending, apparently the p-trap was not the only problem in the plumbing, because the sink is still draining just as slow as it did yesterday - at least I can say I tried.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you - what a woman (all except for bleaching the P-trap). You know, if Vince didn't use it as a urinal, it wouldn't be called that. Your Grandma made aprons like the ones you posted - she was quite the fashionable type.

Lorissa said...

Anonymous keeps leaving posts and I don't know who you are unless you sign your name!

Mama Quiz said...

That last Anonymous was your Dad you know!? Any way I want to know which of those fine specimens you killed or are working on killing! Show us some photos of the living plants so we can see how they are fairing. Good job on the trimming, I guess, once again I need to see some photos to really tell if you have your mother's skills or your father's!!