Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Sick...Again!

I solved a great mystery today. Vince and I have been getting sick frequently since we've moved to Washington, I have been sick at least 7 times in the less than 5 months we've lived here. We went to work on Monday, both of us feeling pretty bad and our coworkers asked if we had checked our apartment for mold. Now I had been chalking our frequent sicknesses up to our systems poorly adapting to the new climate in Washington, it is a big difference from California weather, but after being sick so often and for so long I was beginning to believe that there had to be another culprit. So, as soon as my coworkers mentioned mold, I decided to do a thorough inspection of our little home.

As soon as we made it home from work I checked our bathroom, closets, , carpet, laundry room and windows....at the winner was the window sills. Our window are lined with a black seal...which apparently made it very difficult to notice the mold growth without an up close inspection. So I grabbed my handy cleaning toothbrush and bleach and went to work, and now that I know about the Northwest's tendency towards mold I'll be bleaching my windows regularly!

Here's to hoping that my husband and I stay healthy from now on and that the mold was the guilty party to our mysterious sicknesses!


Anonymous said...

It's too cold for mold out here - in fact, it's too cold for most things out here! If we did have mold, it would freeze and you could just break it off the window sills.

koko said...

ewwww to the above comment : ) hope that works guys!
good luck