Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to the Library

We just took our first field trip with The YC students tonight. The public library in town was having a grand-reopening party with food, live music, and caricature drawings - and we thought it would be a great opportunity to get our kids acquainted with the library resources. We weren't sure at first if the kids would come with us, but we made an announcement and shut The YC doors for 2 hours and told the kids to walk with us a few blocks over to the library, and they actually came! While we were walking the kids looked at us and said, "This is weird, walking with you guys." Apparantly we are much cooler to hang out with when we are inside a building vs. being seen

We made it to the library, the kids signed up for library cards, several found books to read and we all got caricature drawings made. The field trip was a success - what was I worried about, who doesn't love a party thrown at a library? Maybe we should take them more often!

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