Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trip to the DMV - I need to rant

I've decided that what the government needs is just a couple of logical people to run things. I'm not even asking for everyone in office to have logical skills - just a few would be fine. This point was proven in excess today while Vince and I tried (unsuccessfully) to become proper Washington state residents. The trouble all started when we pulled up to the State Licensing Office where the visitor parking was closed of for remodeling. A logical person would think that because you have closed off all visitor parking you should provide a temporary lot and signs to direct people to this proposed lot - no, not in Washington. In Washington the government employees decide to mark every parking spot, and several parking garages as "employee only" and proceed to let all non-government employees to fend for themselves when visiting their public offices! Well, being resourceful Californians we finally found a non designated parking spot and proceeded to walk to the state building complex where the DMV is located.

Due to the aforementioned lack of logic in the government we soon discovered that there were no maps of the grounds on the whole capitol building complex, and no signs identify which building held what department. Frustration added to frustration as we wandered the capitol complex for a good 10 minutes in the rain.

Finally, we found the DMV, and discovered that in order to get a state ID or drivers license you must first have 2 documents that prove residency - sounds reasonable. Until you realize that all the documents require that you have either: a home that you own (and proof of insurance), a job that has already given you a pay stub, a utility bill, or to top it all off, a cable bill. Well, Vince has been given a pay stub, that's one document for him, none for me. We don't own a home and so we don't have homeowners insurance, we don't have cable, and our electrical bill hasn't come because we just switched it into our name a few weeks ago! . We do have a renters lease for our apartment, that seems pretty concrete evidence that we actually live here, but not to the government, no - they would rather see that I waste my money on cable every month! What does a cable bill prove that an apartment lease doesn't? Logic people, logic! So, we are now in the dilemma of having no acceptable proof of living in WA state and yet we are required by law to get a license with them because we established residency when we signed a leas (the lease that doesn't count as a proof of residency, yet it establishes residency - make any sense?)

So, I guess we are waiting for an electric bill to come in the mail before we can be legal here. I've honestly never been so eager to get a bill in the mail.

Thanks for listening to my ranting,


Rachel Lynn said...

Should of moved to Ohio. haha.. just kidding. :)

Anastasyia And Tiqvah. said...

Your illegal!

Rachel Lynn said...

Lorissa! Its chai tea. Ok. comes from a coffee place. haha.. havnt drank coffee since my 5 am shift at the camp.